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Discover why we are ranked as the top HR Software across all industries.


Eliminate time bias with continuous performance management

Quickly organize and analyze data by cycle, average score, office, department, supervisor or any other metric you needa

Real-time 9-box grid reporting

Score Distribution easily shows you where your top performers are

Easily visualize who has completed their review, who is in process and who is behind

Set automatic reminders to keep everyone on track

96% employee approval rating

Quick and easy login

Employees and managers can see and track performance year over year in one place

Easy, intuitive portal

Build your own scales, questions, and sections

Scalable and repeatable - launch a review cycle in minutes

Create multi-staged processes including review, approval, and timed stages.

Automate your workflow so that you can focus on employee management

Focus on your performance data in a completely new way. Identify your key metrics and keep a close eye on how and why they change.

Get Real-Time Data on Your Key Metrics

Actionable Analytics

Fully Flexible & Customizable

Our Employee Management Software Flexes to Fit Your Performance Process, No Matter How Nuanced.

Whether you’ve been waiting for the perfect performance management system for your unique process, or are trying to determine just how to implement performance management in your company, ClearCompany’s performance tracking software was built just for you.

Automatically start gathering information during the new hire onboarding process

Use goal and competency data to see and understand how well your people are hiring within departments, offices or even individual roles

Benchmark performance and overall quality for your new hires against tenured employees

Quality of Hire Reporting

Leverage Performance Data to Understand How Well Your Team Is Recruiting

ClearCompany Performance is the only system that connects performance data with hiring, showing your team what type of talent they are bringing in, and how to find more A Players.

Beautiful Employee Experience

Your Employees Will Thank You Later

Your people are your organization’s most important asset. Managing their performance shouldn’t be an arduous or boring process. ClearCompany provides an intuitive and easy platform for them, and you. 

Correlative data allows you to make intelligent decisions about which questions you should be asking during an interview

Our automated reporting tools allow you to collect and leverage predictive performance data with no extra work

Add dimension to your hiring process by using data from top performers to evaluate candidates

Forecast Candidate Performance

Predict a Cadidate's Performance

Hiring isn't a perfect science. Be more confident in your choices with our predictive performance tools.

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The Choice is Clear

Recently ranked the easiest to use HR Software on the market, ClearCompany provides the most robust and intuitive recruitment platform powered by best practices and the latest technology.

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